What is an SSL Certificate?

An SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate creates a secure communication between client and the server and it’s an absolute necessity in the hosting industry. 

There are two major benefits of using an SSL certificate:

1.) Encryption of data, for expample, like credit card numbers and personal information.

2.) Consumer Confidence. Your website visitors will know that their data is protected and is a trusted site.

Internet users associate SSL’s with the padlock that appears in their browser’s address bar when visiting a secured website.  Everyone, online should know to look for this before entering any personal or financial information online.  If information is entered on an unsecured website, the data is transmitted from your computer to the web server and is un-encrypted and viewable in plain text.  So, if a hacker is ‘sniffing’ the network they could retrieve your information and fraudulently use it. 

This is done by both the server authentication and the client authentication and also the encryption algorithm and the cryptographic keys.

Does AthenaHost offer a free SSL?

Yes, all of AthenaHost’s customers, on all accounts, have a free shared SSL Certificate available through Let’s Encrypt for all assigned and parked domains and subdomains. These should install and activate automatically. 

For more information on manually enabling your free certificates, check out How to activate a free SSL Certificate. 

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